LaTeX tricks


This package caused me a lot of pain... Altough even the official webpage has a tutorial, it did not work as intended for me.

My problem was that I also wanted to use the function psplot, and I did not realise that I also need to include the pst-plot package. Here is how I finally managed to work it smoothly.




\psplot[linewidth=2pt]{.25}{3.75}{x 2 sub x 2 sub mul .25 sub}


Then compile it in this order (see also here)

latex <file.tex>
dvips -Ppdf -o <> <file.dvi>
#ps2pdf -dAutoRotatePages#/None <> <file-pics.pdf># for Windows user
ps2pdf -dAutoRotatePages=/None <> <file-pics.pdf>
pdflatex <file.tex>

Or, if you are also using TexMaker, copy this to User field in the Quick Build tab which you find in the Options, Configure Texmaker menu.

latex %.tex|dvips -Ppdf -o %.dvi|ps2pdf -dAutoRotatePages#/None %-pics.pdf|pdflatex %.tex